Art 356

Helga Watkins
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| Infographic|

Your choice of two versions of this project:

A. A visual representation of your creative process.
B. An infographic version of your up-to-date resume.

Due Monday 1/27:

Written decription of your creative process(for option A)
– Step-by-step description of the process
– Describe and analyze your process
– Determine its strengths and weaknesses
– Influences and inspirations

OR w ritten decriptions of professional roles held and overall resume text content. (for option B).

Due Monday 1/29:
2 compositionally distinct concept renderings for your project.

Due 2/10:
Final Infographic and process document. Turn in digital files at beginning of class.

PROJECT 3: Three Messages, Three Logos

In the area of food or personal care packaging, choose three examples with distinct, contrasting messages. Obtain sample packaging to bring to class Wednesday 12th. Write a list of four or more statements for each of the three examples that are the messages communicated by the product packaging and logo.

Present your observations in 5-7 minutes to the class Weds 19th.

Examples of classes of products which display contrasting messages:

"Health" foods and snacks

Men's personal care products
Sports drinks
Example: Mach3 razor:

Many items marketed to children, breakfast cereal, highly processed snack foods, etc.


Design Project: Three Logos

Create three distinct logos for fictional products in the area of food, cleaning, or personal care items. The graphic styles are up to you, however they should show contrasting treatments. At least one of the logos is to include an illustrated subject/element to accompany the lettering or typographic design. Any raster art must be executed at an appropriately high resolution.

For class on Monday February 24, have your three chosen fictional product names and visual research for each. The visual research must include 5 or more examples of existing logos that you will use to help focus the visual vocabulary and techniques for your own logo versions.

In class exercise Wed 26. You will recreate a sample lettering treatment in Illustrator; we will also spend time on ideation for the design.

Final Artwork for three logos, printed & mounted due March 5.