Art 356

Helga Watkins
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Schedule subject to change. Any changes will be announced in class and posted here..
W 1/22 Overview Course. Introductions. Infographic Project assigned.
M 1/27

Bring written essay and/or written description, turn in hardcopy. Bring any concept sketches and visual research to work with in class as we develop designs. Work with Cintiqs to develop designs.Set up process notebook.

W 1/29 Turn in 2 concept design drawings (digital versions). Small group breakouts and response.
M 2/3

Studio lab worktime and Individual meetings.

W 2/5 Studio lab worktime and Individual meetings.
M 2/10 Infographic Project due, present final design to class. Turn in final design and process document.
W 2/12 In- class discussion of sample products, written work due.
M 2/17 Recess
W 2/19 In class presentations on packaging.
M 2/24

Visual and research and names due for Three Messages, Three Logos. In-class technical exercise AI. In-class Ideation session.Technical demo.

W 2/26 In-class ideation exercise and ideation continued.
M 3/3 Studio work time and individual meetings.
W 3/5

Final Artwork for Three Logos printed and mounted plus computer docs due.

M 3/10 Critique. Discuss upcoming project.
W 3/12 Finish Critique. Photoshop techniques. Email finished black and white text designs by end of class.
M 3/17

In class exercise/ scale drawing. In class worktime, individual meetings as needed.

W 3/19 In class exercise/ signage, lettering and legibilty.New project discussion.
M 3/24 Discuss Restaurant ID project. ID Project assigned.
W 3/26 Spring Break
M 3/31 Spring Break
W 4/2

Assign Restaurant Identity.
Establish Restaurant concept: research and edit menu content, In class worktime, individual meetings.

M 4/7 Restaurant ID project proposal submissions due. Research Content for menu


In class exercise; 2 practice menu layouts in InDesign.
M 4/14 Signage overviewand scale drawing. Scale drawing in-class exercise.
M 4/16 InDesign Menu exercises due. Have final menu text prepared & edited for class.
InDesign; working with text and copyfitting. Research, Logo development.
M 4/21 Logo discussion/presentation. Continue developing logo identity
M 4/23 In class work time, Continue developing logo identity.
M 4/28 Logos for review. Full class critique.
M 4/30 Signage
M 5/5 SIgnage ready for review
M 5/7 class work time. Finish up all the Restaurant Identity designs
In class work time; Expand the design to build the Restaurant Identity in full capacity
M 5/12

Ready Mockups for the project

M 5/14 Last class day Wayfinding & Identity Project due; Course CD due.
  5/17 Semester Ends
Schedule Fall 2010